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Encountering God in Community

I encountered God this year in the warmth with which the community I have here has continually expressed to me, comforting me in times of sadness, laughing with me, and sharing themselves and their cariño (affection) for me in so many ways.  Sincere relationships, it is there that I experience God´s acceptance, love and beauty.…

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Mission Monday: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

 Missioner Nora Pfeiffer is not the only one moving on from their community in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  And saying goodbye to neighbors just makes you realize how much you appreciated the company. I find myself recently reminded of the words from the Joni Mitchell song “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t what you got…

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National Volunteer Month Profile: Nora in Bolivia

The green thumb of our missioners has to be Nora Pfeiffer. Most of Nora’s ministries in Cochabamba, Bolivia relate to the environment — from hosting radio shows, helping with retreats, composting, and tending a garden with the children at the Franciscan Social Center where she lives. The University of Richmond graduate is today’s National Volunteer…

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Mission Monday: A Quinceañera at the Franciscan burn center

Bolivian children recovering severe burns are sometimes brought to the Franciscan Social Center in Cochabamba to heal. Missioner Nora Pfeiffer, who lives at the center, shares with us this “Mission Monday” a recent special birthday celebration. The 15th birthday girl and the cake made by Nora Here in Bolivia, a girl’s 15th birthday is particularly…

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Prayers for Christmas: Children

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas, patron saint of children! Today’s prayer for Christmas comes from our youngest contributors: 6-year-old Bolivians recovering from burns. “We are grateful for airplanes, flowers, dolls, backpacks and shoes.” The children live and heal at the Franciscan burn center in Cochabamba until they are well enough to return home to their…

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Prayers for Christmas: Youth and Inspiration

Our missioner Nora in Bolivia with children at the Franciscan burn center Remember what St. Paul said in his letter to Timothy? “Let no one look down on you because of your youth, be an example of faith, love and purity to all believers.” FMS trains, commissions and supports lay missioners as young as 22…

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