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Prayer of St. Francis

Humility in Franciscan Mission

Editor’s note: Missioner Mari Snyder reflects on how she is learning humility, a key Franciscan value, through her ministries in the US-Mexico border region. Experiencing humility on mission is an oh-so-very-frequent occurrence. The words minor and lesser and to live on the margins of society are words used within the Franciscan community to describe –…

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Getting To Know the “Real” St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi by Cimabue Did you know that statues of St. Francis are the second most popular lawn ornament sold every year – right behind pink flamingo? That is an image many people have of St. Francis, certainly one reinforced by Franco Zeffirelli’s film “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” another in a long line…

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“Where there is injury” – Healing presence in El Salvador

From 2004 to 2007, Pat Clausen was on mission as a nurse practitioner in Chiltiúpan, El Salvador. She recounts below a time when the community there came together to support one of her terminal patients.  In today’s peace prayer petition, we ask to that the Lord use us to bring pardon where there is injury. …

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Franciscan Friday: Prayer for Missioners

Michael Redell Kitzi Hendricks Susan Slavin Missioners Michael Redell and Kitzi Hendricks arrived in Bolivia today while Susan Slavin makes her final preparations for Kenya.  As they begin their two-year mission journey abroad, please join us in praying the Franciscan Prayer for Missioners: Lord, make our sisters and brothers serving in other countries instruments of your peace. .…

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