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Faith Calls Us to be Neighbors: Finding Peace

Editor’s note: Pat Maloney is the Principal Director for Joint Operational Programs for Aerospace at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and one of FMS’ Board members. As a guest blogger for FMS’ Advent blog series, Pat reflects on her recent trip to Rome and Assisi and shares the opportunities she had to live out…

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Lessons in Sainthood

I chose St. Cecilia as my confirmation saint when I was only thirteen years old.  I can’t remember what drew me to her, but I know I didn’t recognize the significance of her martyrdom at my young age. Church Tradition tells us that St. Cecilia was a noblewoman whose parents arranged her marriage to a…

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OFM Congress: Discussing Mission and Evangelization in the Franciscan Tradition

Communications Manager Bridget Higginbotham kicks-off a special blog series live from Rome, Italy.  It’s a historic week for the Orders of Friars Minor. Their first-ever international congress on mission and evangelization has drawn to Sassone (Rome), Italy, about 200 brothers from around the world – Madagascar, the Philippines, South Africa, Australia, Colombia, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada,…

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Friends on the Street

Missioner-in-training Valerie Ellis reflects on the need of those around us. I was thinking back to a time when I really needed a friend of mine to be present in my life. Because I really needed her, I was spending more time with her. It struck me that at times when I didn’t need her…

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