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The Kitchen: A Sacred Space

Editor’s Note: Lay Missioner in Bolivia Anna Metzger reveals the tenderness that lies within the seemingly common kitchen. She shares different stories of how this space has become sacred to her through meaningful connections. Before my time with FMS, I worked for another mission organization called YouthWorks. During my summers with YouthWorks, I spent many…

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Day 16: Dwelling

Editor’s Note: Communications Associate Bekah Galucki reflects on spiritually dwelling in the Lord, despite where you may find yourself. In an overarching metaphor, she relates this idea of dwelling to the workings of nourishing a plant to its fullness of life.  When thinking about life’s major themes, especially in reflecting on what it means to…

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In Awe of the Creator’s Love

Editor’s note: DC Service Corps volunteer, Fatima Godfrey, describes her tentative experience in approaching the DCSC fall retreat. However, by grace her hesitancy was dispelled by God’s hand in the transcendental beauty of creation, resulting in true peace and retreat. Before entering into an intentional community with my fourteen housemates and striving to live out…

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Between Two Complexities

Editor’s note: Sabrina Portner, FMS missioner in Cochabamba, Bolivia, reflects on the life and experience and prayer that led her to cherish the phrases “It is finished” and “I thirst”–both spoken by Jesus during his Passion. Last year, during the spring semester of my senior year of college and during the time that led up…

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Making do

The second week of April we celebrated two confirmations in my parish. Obviously the ideal misa for confirmations and baptisms is the Easter Vigil, but in my parish we often work with what is less than ideal. My parish community is a group of around 40 men who are currently inmates in El Penal de San…

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