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St Francis of Assisi

Letting Go

Editor’s note: Missioner SarahJane Cauzillo shares a significant moment in her commitment to mission. When I first learned about St. Francis of Assisi famously stripping in the town square in front of the bishop and about his denouncement of his father, I heard St. Francis described as a “dramatic medieval Italian.” As an Italian myself,…

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Relics of Mother Teresa

Editors Note: Missioner-in-training Beth Brown shares her reflections from her service site in Washington, DC, during her time of formation. Our formation process with Franciscan Mission Service includes a half-day of service at one of Washington, DC’s many help centers. I said yes to serving at “A Gift of Hope,” a residence facility for elderly,…

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Seeing Pope Francis in Bolivia

First-year missioner Tom Little shares about seeing the pontiff during the recent papal visit to Bolivia.  Last month, I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to attend the papal visit in Santa Cruz. All of Bolivia has been abuzz about Pope Francis’ visit since I arrived in January. Everywhere you turned you would see his face. Since…

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Tapping into Potential at the Portiuncula

As the Feast of the Portiuncula approaches, I find myself reflecting on my own visit there this past May. It was my fourth day in Assisi, and I finally felt like I was through the worst of the jet lag and fogginess that comes with it. The day before had been mostly spent in silent…

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