The following is an experience one of our missioners, Tim Marcy, recently had in South Africa, working at St. Francis Care Center. In the story, Tim describes how he helps a man pick mulberries “because he wasn’t tall enough to reach them, nor could he climb the tree.” Enjoy the Reflection:

“I climbed up, got a goodly handful, and when I came down, found that he had been picking up (with some effort) some of the very ripe berries which had fallen to the ground. After giving him the berries I had picked, I remarked that eating too many berries would probably give him diarrhea, so maybe he wouldn’t want those dirty berries from the ground. He raised his finger and gave me a look and a shake of the head that I interpreted to mean something like, ‘You don’t know everything, bub.’ About fifteen minutes later, I found him in the center of a group of patients and staff, meticulously cleaning and de-stemming each berry and giving them out to those around him.
He hadn’t wanted them for himself, he simply wanted others to share in a good taste experience.”

Thank you for sharing, Tim!

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