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Encountering God on the Road


Our Advent quest for stories of encountering God went beyond our missioners and staff. Today’s encounter comes from our friend Genevieve Mougey, the associate director of the United States Catholic Mission Association.

I have encountered God in random, strange, familiar and comforting places in the last year. God has been present to me in the voices of my friends, the embrace of family members, the tears of forgiveness, the joy of vocation.

One specific memory from the past year was when I was travelling and was very tired. I stopped and had a layover in Chicago O’Hare Airport. I was passing the chapel and as I walked past very hurriedly, convinced that no one was in a greater hurry to rush to my gate to sit and wait an announcement came over the speaker that Mass was starting in five minutes.

I paused looked at my watch, and walked into the chapel. Every song that we sung was during the liturgy was a favorite that took me back to my home parish in Nebraska. The homily was a compassionate and caring sharing from the priest.

We were a hodge-podge group of weary travelers with different ideas of how to express ourselves in prayer, but we all felt called to come and share in our communion of faith together.

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