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Food Matters

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Editor’s Note: Current missioner in formation, Sabrina Portner shares a poem she wrote that centers around her appreciation for food. The poem is paired with a photo survey depicting some of the meals that inspired her writing.

What matters to you and why?
Food. Food matters to me.

It nourishes us
It satisfies us
It indulges us
It is a gift from God, a work of creation, a tender, loving favor from the earth
It is the result of human and beast’s sweat and labor, scientific research and knowledge and a whole lot of praying
It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, tastes, and aromas
It is the spark of communion and friendship
It is a peace offering, a celebration
It is the expression of emotion and imagination, a work of art
It represents history, culture, geography, suffering, corruption, justice and hope
Its options are a privilege not to be taken lightly
It is the difference between life and death
It is a right
Its maldistribution dehumanizes
Its cultivation exhausts the land

The time for change is now.

Child of God, caretaker of the earth, Sabrina

Reflection Question: How does the food that you eat facilitate care for creation and communion with others?