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Throwback Thursday: “A ‘Gringa’ makes Tortillas—Cross Cultural Cooking”

Editor’s Note: In celebration of our 25th year of preparing and supporting lay missioners, we look back to our archives at a World Care newsletter from 1993 with an article from returned missioner Jodie Abbatagelo from Class Three serving in Guatemala from 1992-1993.   To the rat tat tat of tin, I opened my door that first…

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One Ear at a Time

Editor’s Note: The following is part of our daily holiday series celebrating “The Shared World.” New missioner Brandon talks about an experience that lead him to Franciscan Mission Service and his mission call.  I walked up a very steep hill along an ever-narrowing pathway towards what would be my home for the next eight weeks in…

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Takeaway Wednesday: Recipe for Choclo Salad!

In today’s Takeaway Wednesday post, lay missioner Nate Mortenson presents a recipe for one of his new favorite Bolivian dishes: “Choclo Salad”! “Choclo Salad” prepared and photographed by Nate Mortenson It features a type of Andean corn with kernels much larger than traditional sweet corn in the United States: Read more about choclo here. It…

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