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Take the First Step and Don’t Leave a Footprint!

Earth Day is in a couple of weeks and as a Franciscan organization we are looking forward to celebrating! With a new Pope expressing the urgent need of our attention to protecting the earth, a renewed push for environmental sustainability has rattled the religious world.  Search “catholic earth day” on Google and you will receive…

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Living Solidarity: Tools for Faithful Citizenship

The theme for this week’s  Walking in Solidarity Lenten Series is “Living in Solidarity: Work, Family and Citizenship.” Today we talk about some wonderful resources provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that can help you understand your position as a citizen who can affect change for others. For the 2007 election, the…

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Teaching Solidarity: See-Judge-Act Model

As we continue this week’s Walking in Solidarity theme of education and formation, we share with you one of the tools we use to “teach” solidarity to our long-term missioners and short-term trip participants: the See-Judge-Act model. This Lent, we encourage you to use See-Judge-Act in your own social justice analysis so that you may…

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Tools for Fostering Solidarity Through Prayer, Worship, and Preaching

On Wednesdays during this Lenten series, “Walking in Solidarity,” we offer tangible ways you can live out the theme for the week. We offer tips and resources, and encourage you to post in the comments your own suggestions. This collaboration fosters even greater solidarity. This week we’re looking at solidarity through prayer, worship and preaching.…

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FMS Podcasts: History of the Church and Franciscanism

Franciscan Mission Service is making resources from our mission formation available to the public, including podcasts from the classes. Our missioners get to learn some interesting subjects while in formation: history, theology, geography, environmentalism, social justice issues, cross-cultural communication… the list goes on!  Now you can also be enriched and inspired by these same lessons…

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