Franciscan Mission Service is making resources from our mission formation available to the public, including podcasts from the classes.

Our missioners get to learn some interesting subjects while in formation: history, theology, geography, environmentalism, social justice issues, cross-cultural communication… the list goes on!  Now you can also be enriched and inspired by these same lessons through our podcasts.  Grab a cup of tea, maybe a notebook and pencil, and reflect on the life of St. Francis and how he still influences our lives today.

This episode of FMS Podcasts comes from Br. Patrick Monahan, OFM Cap.’s Fall 2012 formation session on the history of the Church through the life of St. Francis of Assisi and formation of Franciscan Spirituality.

Following the audio, reflect on these questions:

1) Is the life of St. Francis what you expected to hear of a saint?

2) Francis was first transforming while sitting in a prison cell.  Has there been a moment, a dark place, in your life where you have felt yourself being transformed?

3) It was at the foot of the San Damiano cross, in a broken church, that Francis first heard the call to serve.  Where are you being called to serve?