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Mission Monday: Wine and Cheese Make a Reunion


To welcome home our returning missioners we held our traditional Wine and Cheese Open House.  

On this Thursday evening, snow threatened the roads and dark had already fallen, but Casa San Salvador soon filled with friends, new and old, to welcome home missioners who had been away for two to three years.  The missioners came from three different countries, all with unique experiences, memories, and fun stories to tell while looking at their photographs hung on the walls.  The table boasted finger-feast to accompany the conversation.  Grapes, cookies, four kinds of cheese and Missioner Lynn’s home-made cheese crackers were washed down with spice wine.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make this a special night.  The house with the spirit of reunions and we’re happy that the missioners have such loving people to come home to.

Bryce Bradford (Zambia, 2011-2012), Patrick Carolan from Franciscan Action Network, Catherine Giller (Bolivia, 2010 – 2012), Board Member Evelyn Mercantini.
Joel Vaughn (Bolivia, 2010-2012), Lynn Myrick (Bolivia, 2010-2012), Br. Paul O’Keeffe, and Rhonda Miska looking at mission pictures and sharing stories.
Mariam Mitry, Katherine Somok, Nora Pfeiffer (Bolivia, 2010-2012), and Anna Pfeiffer have a conversation in the hallway of Casa San Salvador.  Nora was on mission for three years.

Rhonda Miska, Tim Marcy (South Africa, 2010-2012), Cecilia Marcy (South Africa, 2010-2012), and Anna Pfeiffer converse over snacks.  Tim and Cecilia were on mission for three years.

Of course it’s not a welcome home party without snacks!  Cheese, fruit, crackers, cookies, and wine made the room look festive.

Sandra Bradford (Zambia, 2011-2012) and Fr. Jeremy Harrington.

Mark Kaldas, Bryce Bradford (Zambia, 2011-2012), and Sandra Bradford (Zambia, 2011-2012). Bryce and Sandra were on mission for two years.

Nora Pfeiffer (Bolivia, 2010-2012), Anna Pfeiffer, Terry Hurley, and Patti Pfeiffer.

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