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Short-Film: Reconciliation and Mother Earth


Continuing our series Sacraments and Social Mission: Living the Gospel, Being Disciples, today we share a short film titled “El litio: La Siguiente Batalla de Bolivia” or (roughly translated) “Lithium: The Next Battle of Bolivia”. 

“Care for Creation” is hugely important in Franciscan Spirituality. This film is about concrete political realities, but it also is about reconciliation between Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the people who use her resources.

 It is Franciscan in spirit because it promotes the idea that the human essence is connected to the Earth’s essence. Moreover, it suggests that the concept of “privatization”  ignores that connection with serious consequences for our lives. 

    This film grounds this spirituality concretely in the political-economical role of lithium as a natural resource in Bolivia.

    Current missioner Annemarie recently wrote three blog entries reflecting directly on Franciscan spirituality’s care for creation:

    View outside Cochabamba
    Three Questions for Reflection:

    1. How does your relationship with God affect your relationship with Mother Earth?

    2. How does your lifestyle depend on non-renewable resources?

    3. How are you called to mission through Franciscan “care for creation” by living simply?

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