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Day 11: A New Bethlehem

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Editor’s Note: For day 11 of our Advent series “The Day of Joy Drew Near,” DC Service Corps alumnus Sam Hardwick writes a poem that contemplates the Nativity of Jesus and how we participate in this new birth through Baptism and the Eucharist.

Birth in a strange land. 

Joy and amazement from a message. 

Truth, unexpected and without riches. 

Praise and thanksgiving, a Savior is here. 

Simplicity, found in a Mother and Father whose love can be touched.

Hope, our God has come.


Birth in a strange land. 

A message, received by water.

Riches, unseen yet abounding from the Truth.

Our Savior finds praise and thanksgiving.

Love seeks a simple home in the arms of a Father, in the sight of a Mother.

God’s hope blossoms anew.


Birth in a familiar land.

The message, confirmed by joy and amazement.

Truth, fulfilled and as promised.

All Praise and All Thanksgiving. 

Simple Love’s embrace. 

Hope transformed into Communion. 


Question for Reflection: What sights, sounds, and feelings come to mind when you contemplate Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem?

After graduating from Providence College in May 2017, Sam decided to heed his call to service by joining FMS through the DC Service Corps. With a passion for data and an economics degree in hand, Sam will be serving as the development associate during his year of service. Additionally, during his time, Sam will also be volunteering at A Wider Circle, an organization in Silver Spring that helps those in need find furniture. Sam’s biggest hope during his year of service is to develop a stronger faith that is integrated into all aspects of his life.