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Day 11: A New Bethlehem

Editor’s Note: For day 11 of our Advent series “The Day of Joy Drew Near,” DC Service Corps alumnus Sam Hardwick writes a poem that contemplates the Nativity of Jesus and how we participate in this new birth through Baptism and the Eucharist. Birth in a strange land.  Joy and amazement from a message.  Truth,…

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Day 5: Tears

Editor’s Note: For day 5 of our Advent series “The Day of Joy Drew Near,” Madeline Turley, a DC Service Corps alumna and current blog manager, shares how a pilgrimage to the Holy Land restored her hope during a season of tears and waiting.  “Those who sow in tears will reap with cries of joy.”…

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The Light of Belen

I went to my first misa de la luz de Belen (mass of the light of Bethlehem) in December. I went with a new friend from Poland and found out that this Girl and Boy Scout tradition happens around the world, and that the light is actually being passed from city to city as well.…

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Francsican Friday: Humbleness of the Incarnation and the Goodness of God

In the last week of Advent the readings turn to the theme of the coming of the Lord. Readings from the Old Testament remind us of the promises of God that are being fulfilled, and the New Testament readings speak to us of the lives of those who took part in the drama of the…

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