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Love Blooms… In the Words of a Familiar Tune

Editor’s Note: DC Service Corps member, Amy Brandt reflects on how love has bloomed for her through an Elton John song. Love blooms… In the words of a familiar tune: It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside. It is physically impossible for me to keep from singing the next line of “Your Song”: I’m…

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Telling Their Own Story

Editor’s Note: Missioner Annemarie Barrett reflects on the experience of accompanying women in the Santa Rosa community as they tell their stories through a sequence of videos produced entirely by the women themselves. For the past year our garden project has been involved in the process of making videos participativos or participatory videos with the…

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Millennial Lenten Reflections: That We All Might Be One

Editor’s Note: The following is part of Millennial Lenten Reflections, a blog series in collaboration with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Short reflections on the day’s readings, written by young adults from FMS and other organizations, will be posted everyday throughout Lent.  Perhaps the most radical Christian belief is that of the equal dignity and…

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Sacraments and Social Mission: Baptism’s Dignity in the Jails of Bolivia

Today in Sacraments and Social Mission: Living the Gospel, Being Disciples: Jeff Sved writes below about his ministry to bring dignity to prisoners as fulfilling the sacrament of baptism’s call to human dignity. “Prison reform would most likely come in dead last for any social justice popularity contest in the US. “Jailed Christ” Much of that is…

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The Experience of Working with People with AIDS

In honor of World AIDS Day, missioner Cecilia Marcy shares a bit about the HIV/AIDS situation in Johannesburg, South Africa where she serves as a nurse at the St. Francis Care Center. Cecilia and her husband Tim have served in South Africa for three years. The St. Francis Care Center in South Africa Back in July,…

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Prayers for Christmas: Volunteering and Human Rights

FMS Executive Director Kim Smolik offers a reflection as today’s prayer for Christmas: To say I am blessed in the work I do would be an understatement. I think a job like mine is a rare gift — it takes me around the world, to places one does not usually think of visiting, into the…

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