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A Warm Welcome

Husband-and-wife lay missioners Joel Vaughn and Lynn Myrick report that they received a warm welcome at their new mission site in Carmen Pampa, Bolivia. Joel and Lynn will be working with students at the Unidad Academica Campesina, a small rural college that is a branch of the Catholic University of Bolivia. The college aims to provide affordable college-level education for young people in the remote, rural, North Yungas region of Bolivia.

Joel and Lynn were welcomed by the faculty at a special gathering. Joel reports, “I gave a short speech about how I hoped we could fit ourselves into the needs of their program. Despite some grammatical errors, I think it was well received. We’ve also talked with Sr. Jean about possible activities here and will get together with [the college leaders] to talk further.” Joel and Lynn are fifth and seventh from the left, respectively, in this picture.
Returned lay missioners Jean and Lee Lechtenberg were stationed at the UAC prior to Joel and Lynn. Thanks to them for these pictures of the college and town. Above, the bell-tower roof is being painted.

Many of the students contribute manual labor to the work of building and maintaining the college (or in the above case, demolishing).

Part of the town of Carmen Pampa. Please take a moment to read more about the college here. And please continue your prayers for Joel and Lynn and all our missioners.

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