Paul in Ghana
Today’s prayer for Christmas comes from Br. Paul O’Keeffe, OFM, of Holy Name Province, who served as a lay missioner to Jamaica and Africa in the mid-’90s.

“This Christmas I am thankful for the many people God has placed in my life the past year. For those people who have loved me, even when I was hard to love; for those people who cared for me, even when I didn’t recognize their kindness; and for those people who have challenged me to remember God’s call to be the eyes, hands, heart, and presence of Christ.”

Br. Paul’s experience as a lay missioner inspired him to become a Franciscan friar, professing his final vows in August 2010. Over the years he has helped FMS run retreats and evaluate candidates, and on January 9, Br. Paul will return to FMS to serve as the development director.
“I hope to share with our supporters some insights from my own lay mission experience,” he says. “Namely, the importance of creating and strengthening relationships with those who believe in FMS’ mission, and partnering with them to make our shared goals a reality.”
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