Editor’s note: Missioner Stephanie Ashley Caban shares her community bonding experience at the Nationals’ game, thanks to Liz Hughes and Board President Patrick Martin, OFS.

In preparation for our tailgate party, SarahJane, Sam, PJ, and Anne-Marie spent the morning heating up hot dogs and buns, excitedly chattering before walking to the Metro. Alessia and I had so much fun dancing our way to the stadium with Tim and Rose following behind, being gloriously grateful for the day. While we all have dinner together four nights out of the week, it was great to get out of the Casa and have some bonding time over not knowing too much about the game and still enjoying each other’s company. Thank you so much to Patrick and Liz who got out tickets and gave us the opportunity to be more involved in our community through sports! 

How do you find life-giving energy from spending time with others?