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Back To High School

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Editor’s Note: DC Service Corps volunteer Anna Fluharty shares about her service site at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School.

I am stationed at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School (DBCR) as my full time service placement. I am a mentor/teacher, a coach, and a leader in youth ministry. What that practically looks like throughout my day depends on the day. However, I do an abundance of different activities including proctoring lunch, accompanying the students on the metro in the morning when they go to their work assignments, administering grades, helping with youth group, and overall, just being a presence of Christ for the kids and someone they can go to for anything. This means that my day consists of anything and everything “high school.”  The crowded hallways, the homecoming proposals, who likes who, and sporting events are all a part of my daily routine. I never thought I’d be back to high school, but I am so very blessed that Ms. Flu has this opportunity to be involved in these kids’ lives.

A normal day in the hallways between class periods at DBCR.

The Corporate Work Study Program

To attend DBCR, one must have a financial need or some other type of hardship that would otherwise prevent them from attending a private, Catholic school. DBCR gives students in this situation the opportunity to attend a college-prep Catholic high school and also gives them the financial and logistical tools needed to go on and continue their education in college. To make this possible, DBCR requires the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) for all students. Through CWSP, the students are sent out into the D.C. area one day per week to work professionally at one of our job sites. These job sites include the Franciscan Mission Service office, law firms, hospitals, daycares, and many more. Not only does this open a huge door of experience for the kids, but also by working all year, the students earn their own tuition at DBCR. This teaches the students responsibility, gives them a real incentive to work, and gives them four years of professional work experience by the end of their senior year. What an opportunity!!

My main role is to assist in CWSP. During the mornings, I accompany the kids at the metro station as they go off to work. I take attendance and monitor dress code, but most importantly it is a time for me to check in with the kids and talk to them about anything they want to talk about. We talk about school, sports, high school crushes, the faith, college, etc. There is a lot on their minds, and I am there to listen! I am very blessed to have the opportunity to walk with them through their high school experience! 

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Anna Fluharty is from Newark, Ohio and is a recent graduate from Franciscan University of Steubenville. At Franciscan, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology, with minors in Biology and Philosophy. She heard the Lord call her to a year of service, so she is serving at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School through Franciscan Mission Service. There, she ministers to high school kids in the form of a coach, an adult leader of youth ministry, and as a mentor. After her year of service, Anna plans on going to graduate school for Bioethics with a focus in embryology.