Editor’s Note: Estephanie Alvarez is a high school student who works in the FMS office once a week as part of Don Bosco Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). As the school year closes, she reflects on her experience working with FMS. 

When I first came to Franciscan Mission Service, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I definitely got more than I intended I would receive. As I worked on Wednesdays, I got to know everyone at the office very well and have built such amazing relationships.


I could never be more thankful for Tori, Joanie, Emily P., Emily N., Liz, Meghan and, more recently, Rose. I feel so welcomed, and I love every single conversation we get to have, like what’s going on at school, friends, and so much more. It’s enjoyable to make them laugh or and smile because, in a way, I feel like I can make their Wednesday even more enjoyable. I will miss being able to do that and talking to them, but I will always keep in contact with FMS. 

A farewell ice cream party!

This year at FMS has taught me about my working method and how much work is put into a non-profit organization. I have also learned a lot more about Excel documents and how important donors and contacts are. But work things aside, I have also learned a lot about myself with my religion. It was very interesting how many connections I could make with the Franciscan ways, and how I can connect and live that out in my life. 

Like I said before, it’s not a forever goodbye for me and FMS. I am hoping that after college, I will do one year of mission work in DC here at FMS. Thank you FMS for giving me the opportunity to know what it’s like to work in a nonprofit office. 

Now signing off, 

Estephanie Alvarez