Editor’s Note: Overseas Lay Missioner Mari Snyder laments and reflects on the mass shooting crisis in the U.S. through the lens of the tragedy in Uvalde.

The Precious of Uvalde  

By Mari Snyder


In the fresh spring of their lives 

They could sniff summer wafting 

Through louvered windows.  


One … twice their age … snapped

The green blades of grass growing

Under the Lone Star sun.   


Shots. Silence. Screams. Sobs. 

Nineteen. Ni-ni-ni-ni-nineteen.  

Hear the ‘Nam song anew? 


Two teachers enlist 

on this sudden battlefield, 

frantic Purple Hearts.  

Murdered martyred mothers.  

Is this what has become of

the Land of the Free? 


The Home of the Brave? 


The Elected stain him evil, 

their “out, damned spot” hands shoved 

Into their pockets…


with hollow voices, they drone

    rehearsed, indignant.   

    Greed and power star

    on a school auditorium stage.


 What’d you learn in school today?


“Women and children first”

    Onto lifeboats, but no, not

    on U.S. gun-lovin’ soil.



America …
May God shed His grace on thee,

and compel us to crown thy good with true brotherhood

in this long-overdue “Do Something!” moment.