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Day 7: Prepared

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Editor’s Note: For day 7 of our Advent series “The Day of Joy Drew Near,” Grace Kueber, a DC Service Corps alumna, describes her tendency to over prepare and resolves to trust in God.

I always grew up making sure I was prepared.

For bad weather – dress warmly, maybe an umbrella, 

For traffic – leave early, maybe bring a snack, 

A quick double check, my bag is all packed. 


Though slowly, I’d begin to doubt if I had everything ready. 

And soon, simply prepared wasn’t enough to counter all the what ifs.


Bring six pairs of socks for a weekend trip because what if

Carry several pens because what if none of them work. 

Have multiple sets of ordinary things

Because what if something breaks, gets lost, damaged, misplaced, donated, left behind, forgotten. 


All these potential what ifs led to a debilitating state of unknowing

If the plane I was on were to crash, how would I act?

If I saw someone was in trouble, how would I react?

Or what the proper protocol is if the sky were to start falling. 


I would bring the ground just to be certain there’ll be a place to stand. 

This thought to be prepared for every uncontrollable outcome,

The many moments spent double-backing, double-checking.

All the time wasted on hypothetically needing a pair of socks.


Being prepared for every situation is not a doable solution.

I’d sit in a pit of madness just to go about my day.  

When all I needed was to Trust in You, and in Your plan. 

To be vulnerable and open and know You are prepared.

This gives my mind a sense of overwhelming clarity

And the freedom to seize every presented opportunity. 


Lately, everything seems so incredibly busy. I have no time for seemingly controllable nuisances, like car troubles, or getting sick. So I only drive where I have to and leave the house when I have to. I find myself limiting day-to-day activities because of these what ifs. I want to let go of that during this Advent season and not get so hung up on being prepared, rather just enjoy moments for what they are. Focusing on what I have, rather than the things I might need. 


Except for, of course, chapstick. 


Questions for Reflection: How do you prepare for Christ’s coming during Advent? How do you embrace the unknown and trust in God?

Grace Kueber is a recent business administration undergraduate from Alma College and is originally from Northville, Michigan. Grace is excited to join the DC Service Corps as a UNHCR volunteer and gain an understanding of what it means to be a pillar of support for refugees and their families. She is grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by kind and virtuous people as she continues growing in her own spirituality and faith life. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories, doing puzzles, and learning new hobbies.