As Franciscan followers of Christ, we build partnerships with Catholic women and men who are inspired to live and serve in solidarity with economically poor communities across the globe – and to bring the transformative experience of mission to North American societies and churches as advocates for peace, justice, reconciliation and care of creation.


These seven statements identify the core belief system from which we operate. They define the “soul” of FMS and inspire the work that we do.

We have faith in the transforming power of Christ’s love in the world.
We believe the world is a graced place.
We believe in the absolute and fundamental dignity of each individual and creation.
We embrace Catholic Social Teaching as central to our faith and service.
We have confidence in the wisdom of poor communities.
We engage in a mission of presence, accompaniment, and advocacy.
We believe strong theological and cross-cultural training leads to respectful and effective mission service.



The recently updated logo is a fresh depiction of our own version of the Tree of Life. It is formed of images of hope, partnership, and growth.

The tree trunk is made up of two people coming together, symbolizing the emphasis on partnership that defines our approach to mission.

The tree itself symbolizes the growth, transformation, and life that flow from Christ’s love at work in the world, as well as the overall Franciscan commitment to the integrity of all creation.