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First Christmas in Zambia

As we wrap up the Christmas season, our missioner Sandra Bradford shares how she and her husband Bryce spent the holiday. In Zambia, they serve as high school teachers and help run the retreat center for the St. Francis Friary. Our liturgical Advent celebration was a wonderful preparation for Christmas. I made new banners with…

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Prayers for Christmas: Witness of Love

“This Christmas I am grateful that the love God showed the world in sending His Incarnate Son has been shown again to me personally in the grace of His sending me to witness to that Love, Jesus Christ, in Africa.” – Sandra Bradford, missioner, Zambia Sandra serves with her husband Bryce through a partnership with the Province…

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Prayers for Christmas: Art and Sharing

Photo from flickr, localjapantimes Today’s prayer for Christmas comes from Andrew Kaleya, a Zambian artist and friend of missioners Sandra and Bryce Bradford. “My prayer is to support my family through art in this coming year, and also to be able to share with others the little things which we have during Christmas.”   Andrew…

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Prayers for Christmas: Strength and Hope for Zambia

FMS lay missioners spend much of their time on mission in ministries of presence–cultivating relationships and connections in their host communities that change them as well as the people to whom they minister Through this journey, the prayers of the community can become the prayers of the missioner. Missioner and teacher Bryce Bradford shares his…

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