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Brittany Koepke

Running Our Own Courses

The 13 weeks of our mission formation program is a time of discernment. Candidates come to formation intending that, at the end, they will embark on at least two years of overseas service. But sometimes, during the course of those 13 weeks of prayer, reflection, and discussion, things come to light that make candidates reevaluate…

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The Kingdom of God

 By flickr connerdowney via Creative Commons Missioner-in-training Brittany Koepke reflects on her experience volunteering in D.C. for mission formation. During group prayer the other night the question was proposed, “In what moment of today did you glimpse the Kingdom of God?” I immediately thought of my volunteer site with the Missionaries of Charity that I…

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Let Your Mercy Light The Path Before Me

Discerning and preparing for mission can be an emotional process, as missioner-in-training Brittany Koepke shares here. “I could be safe here in Your arms and never leave homeI could just stay right where I am and hope to feel YouBut You have called me higherYou have called me deeperAnd I will go where You will…

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