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OFM Congress: Enzo Bianchi on the Importance of Listening

Communications Manager Bridget Higginbotham blogs about her experience last month at the Order of Friars Minor first international congress on mission and evangelization.  “If believing in God means to speak about God to others then I do not believe in God. If believing in God means speaking to God then I believe in God.” –…

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Discernment Part 1: Going Through Changes

 From the turning colors of leaves to the fluctuating temperatures, fall is a season of change. If this season you’re considering making a change in your life – whether it’s switching careers, professing a vocation, going on mission or doing a volunteer year – its important to spend time in discernment. Discernment allows you to…

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Mission Monday: Let’s Talk About Nonviolence

This past week the formation class attended a session on nonviolence, a subject that candidate Annemarie is very passionate about.  For this Mission Monday post she shares her reflection on the training and the connections she had made through her spiritual journey.  Annemarie (left) at anti-war rally in Oct. 2010. Recently, as a part…

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Mission Monday: Realizing one’s humanity is a good place to start.

Finishing up her second week in formation, mission candidate Annemarie Barrett shares her initial thoughts and reflections on preparing for mission. What was the essence of the life of Saint Francis? Following his example, how am I called to live as a lay missioner? As I engage the second week of formation as a lay…

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