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Conversations with Desi

Editor’s note: Missioner Anna Klonowski experiences the ministry of presence with a new friend at a ministry site. I met a woman named Desi the other day at Hogar San José, the nursing home in Cochabamba that is one of my ministries. She was sitting alone in a courtyard, and I said hello as I…

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Be Not Afraid: Practice, Practice

Editor’s Note: FMS board member Lee Lechtenberg shares how a conversation with a stranger showed him a deeper insight into humanity and the affection of fellow recognition.  Walking down an autumn morning street, I eyed the old man approaching me scuffing his boots. He is stooped and tugs a small cart with two plastic buckets and…

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Why You Should Talk to Strangers

Editor’s Note: The following is part of our daily holiday series celebrating “The Shared World.” With my nose stinging of chlorine and my legs treading wildly, I tried to focus on the teary-eyed woman bobbing before me. I had seen her at the pool before. Her face had always reminded me of my mom’s, even though…

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Conversations on Faith

Missioner-in-training Nate Mortenson talks about journeying through mission formation together with his wife Mary. The couple is preparing to go to Bolivia in January.  Mary Mortenson, as photographed by Nate Mortenson Mary and I got away for our weekly date-night on Tuesday. They’ve become pretty important for us living in the residential community with other…

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Mission Monday: Sharing Stories in Sacred Spaces

A watercolor by Annemarie that was inspired by the women of Santa Rosa First-year missioner Annemarie Barrett reflects on the conversations she has had with the women she has come to know in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Work. More work. Children. Husbands. Cooking. Cleaning. More cooking and more cleaning. Domestic violence. Machismo. More violence. And no justice.…

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