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Emily Ward

“In giving, we receive” – Selfless Sharing in Boliva

Today’s mission story reminds us of the contagion of charity. One person’s giving prompts other people to give, as Emily Ward witnessed while working with poor women in Bolivia (2006-2009).And whenever we give, we receive more in return. While our missioners give two years in service abroad, they receive in abundance from their community the…

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International Women’s Day 2012: Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty

FMS missioner Emily Ward (Bolivia, 2006-2009) with women in the Tantakun bakery of Mineros San Juan in Ushpa-Uspha, Bolivia. Happy International Women’s Day! Today, organizations and individuals across the world recognize that securing peace, social progress, freedom and the enjoyment of human rights depends on the participation, equality and development of women. The United Nations…

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