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francis and the foolishness of god

Catholic Heroes — Can’t Get Enough of Them!

Missioner-in-training Hady Mendez comments on some of the media she has been exposed to during formation for mission. “There But For the Grace of God” was the name of a funk/disco song when I was growing up. I remember dancing to the song quite a bit yet never giving a second thought to what the…

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Franciscan Friday: Part 2 of “Francis and the Foolishness of God” Podcast

This week we continue to our latest podcast series that focuses on the book, “St. Francis and the Foolishness of God,” by Marie Dennis, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Stuart Taylor and Fr. Joe Jangle, OFM. In this multi-part series, recorded during our fall 2012 formation class, Fr. Joe takes listeners through the thought process behind the book…

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