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On Decision-Making Circles

Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer Fede Wettstein ponders the impactful reality of one’s decision-making bubble brought about from our DCSC Formational reading, “The Defining Decade.” On Tuesday afternoons, we have Franciscan Formation sessions with DC Service Corps. Throughout the year, these sessions have taken the form of discussions, workshops, or presentations with topics ranging from spirituality…

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FMS Lifelong Missioner Feature: Tim Shelgren

Program Director Emily Norton had the gift of interviewing Tim Shelgren (Mission Class 33, Serving from 2018-2020 in Kingston, Jamaica) via a Zoom call. Below is the interview.  Q: How have you chosen to live out Franciscan simplicity since returning to the US? The day I left Jamaica, I remember standing in the airport on…

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My Time at FMS

Editor’s Note: Derek Slaton reflects on his time with DC Service Corps as he has recently discerned out of the program in order to pursue a different path. My time at FMS has been short but filled with many ups and downs. The downside, being far from home and far from all the people I…

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Patience, Pride, and Pasta

Editor’s note: DC Service Corps Volunteer PJ Herrera recounts an adventure he had with homemade pasta and shares the resulting lessons he learned. The afternoon of January 1st started off about as well as an afternoon can. Alessia, Sam, and I had just returned from the Basilica, where we had gone to Mass. After walking…

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