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Day 33: Wisdom

Editor’s Note: To close out this Advent Blog series, Programs Director Emily Norton reflects on the gift of wisdom in the context of the Magi come Epiphany. She shares from her own experiences on how she has found this “sacred wisdom” throughout her past year.  The Wise Magi of 2020 “Sacred wisdom.”  These are the…

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Franciscan Friday: 5 Reasons Epiphany Matters

public domain Fr. Jason Welle (OFM) breaks it down: 1. Nature obeys Christ from before his birth and speaks a message of hope. – By the light of a star, those who worshipped the stars learned to worship the Sun of Justice and to know the Dawn from on High. 2. The magi come to…

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Advent 2013: The Light of One

Today’s beginning of Advent coincides with World AIDS Day. The 2013 World AIDS Day theme is “Shared Responsibility”. As we learn the facts about HIV and put that knowledge into compassionate action, we also recommit to our shared responsibility this Advent. We return to the very source of our compassion: the Incarnation. “I want to…

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