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School Raises $5,000 in Support of Alumnae, Lay Missioner

Love of others through charity and justice is a core value at Holy Spirit School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Each year the parish school selects a social justice focus to encourage students to think beyond the community and act on behalf of those in need. One year they supported Heifer International, another they built a…

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The Disconnection from our Earth and the Call of Franciscan Mission

Lay missioner Annemarie Barrett continues our series, “Mother Earth Teaches: Digging Deeper into Faith, Community and Justice.”    Living in the city, shopping at grocery stores, and watching a lot of TV, I never had to think much about how my food arrived at my table. I could answer that easily, “From the grocery store.”…

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Mission Monday: Meet Annemarie and Jeff!

Only threes days until Annemarie and Jeff leave for their two-year mission in Bolivia.  We’re very excited about their journey and we invite you to learn more about them and why they have chosen to go on mission with FMS.  Meet Annemarie Barrett! Meet Jeff Sved! You can view more videos by FMS on our…

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