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Encountering God in Heartbreak

This Advent, we reached out to our network and asked, “Where did you encounter God this year?” Today’s response comes from Megeen Testa White, a board member who was one of  our very first missioners back in 1991 to 1993 when she served in Zimbabwe. Megeen is now a nurse and lives in Silver Spring,…

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National Volunteer Month Profile: Tim and Cecilia in South Africa

We conclude our series of profiles for National Volunteer Month with Tim and Cecilia Marcy, our most senior missioners. We hope that our posts from the last month have made you aware of the impact of volunteers as well as inspired you to answer your own call to service. Click on image to enlarge The…

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“Where there is injury” – Healing presence in El Salvador

From 2004 to 2007, Pat Clausen was on mission as a nurse practitioner in Chiltiúpan, El Salvador. She recounts below a time when the community there came together to support one of her terminal patients.  In today’s peace prayer petition, we ask to that the Lord use us to bring pardon where there is injury. …

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