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Day 23: Movement

Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer Emily Dold shares her experience with learning yoga and the meaning of “peace” within movement.  I would like to begin this blog by saying how wonderfully sneaky the Lord is in how He has led me to reflect on movement and has helped me connect it to His Divine plan. I…

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Day 12: Walk

Editor’s Note: Former DCSC volunteer, Matthew Fichter, reflects on the gift of a walk, taking a moment to pause and slow down. He shares of the simple, yet often overlooked, act of walking can help us to grow closer to the Lord in slowing down and trusting His steady guiding hand.  Perhaps for some, life…

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Life on Pause

Nate and Mary Mortenson Missioner-in-training Mary Mortenson shares her thoughts on the beginning of mission training. Nate and I arrived in Washington, D.C. the Monday of Labor Day, tired and emotional. We had spent our summer moving back home to help my parents on the strawberry farm, taking long bike trips, celebrating weddings and saying…

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