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Editor’s note: Current lay missioner in Formation, Jenny Tsui, gives a new perspective to the often overlooked afternoon nap, a deliberate choice of freedom and trust in the Lord.  One of the new habits I’ve adopted in Formation is a brief, post-lunch nap. Spurred on by the inspiring example of some of my Casa-mates and…

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My Peace I Give to You

Editor’s Note: Current Missioner Hannah Hagarty shares how she has found peace while building a routine overseas in Kingston, Jamaica. “I find it deeply important to accept that we are not the masters of this place. We are her visitors. And like guests let’s enjoy this place like a garden. Let us treat it with…

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Love Blooms- Persevering Through Personal Growth

Editor’s Note: Missioner, Misty Menis-Kyler, who has served in Guatemala and will be returning home in January, reflects on the importance of self-compassion and persistent personal growth. Love doesn’t have to come from a significant other, a mother, a father, a sister, or brother Love comes from all around and it comes from within. Once…

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My Adventure Through Guatemala

Editor’s note: Missioner Misty Menis-Kyler shares her recent experiences traveling around Guatemala. Since the school year ended and Camp Angel’s is over, I was invited to travel for three weeks with two of the volunteers who had come to help at Valle. I have never traveled just to travel before, but I felt it was…

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The Gift of Self-Awareness

Editor’s note: Missioner Aubrey Kimble shares a brave decision that was a milestone in her self-understanding. One of the biggest gifts I have received while being on mission has been time to cultivate a deeper understanding and awareness of who I am, what I believe, and what makes me tick. This is an incredible gift…

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Be Not Afraid to Choose You

Editor’s Note: Programs associate Amanda Saunders shares how pushing past the fear of how we are perceived by others leads to true freedom and lived out faith in God’s plan.  It seems that when you enter into adulthood everything becomes about how you are perceived by others. There is a fear of not living up…

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