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Make Me Worthy to Serve

So far, my time in Washington, DC going through Franciscan Mission Service’s formation program has been incredible. I am across the street and right down the road from different convents and monasteries, all offering a quiet place for reflection, Adoration, mass, and confession. I’m now living in an intentional community with 12 other people, learning…

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Millennial Lenten Reflections: To Serve Others

Editor’s Note: The following is part of Millennial Lenten Reflections, a blog series in collaboration with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Short reflections on the day’s readings, written by young adults from FMS and other organizations, will be posted everyday throughout Lent.  Sometimes the question comes up of why we should even pray, fast, or…

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Franciscan Friday: Combating Hunger in D.C.

In honor of September’s Hunger Action Month, we’re sharing experiences of combating hunger. In Washington, D.C. one in eight households struggles with hunger. D.C.’s poverty rate is the third highest in the nation, and on any given night, 6,000 people here are homeless. While our short and long-term international mission programs focus our attention on…

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