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Celebrate Black Catholics: Tradition, Strength, and Cultural Heritage


Celebrating Black History Month is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the rich and ancient history of Black Catholics. This history is full of inspiring women and men who dedicated their lives to their faith, but it is also a history of shameful racism and persecution often committed by non-Black Catholics against their sisters and brothers in Christ.

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We pray that our love for all fellow Christians heals the deep hurt of injustice committed against Black Catholics in particular. We also pray that the Church appreciates the beautiful gift that Black Catholics are to the Christian faith.

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Three resources to celebrate Black Catholics:

  • “Black Catholic Heritage” video by Jubilee Museum & Catholic Cultural Center
“Some people forget that Christianity did not originate in Europe and even express surprise when they learn that Black Catholic History began in the Acts of the Apostles (8: 26-40) with the conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch by Philip the Deacon.” – 
  • “Gloria” by Mary Lou Williams
Mary Lou Williams influenced a generation of jazz musicians, but her musical legacy to Catholicism is often overlooked. A Catholic convert, Mary Lou viewed her music as a ministry promoting peace, love, and the Kingdom of God. Her jazz mass is not only a musical treasure, but a powerful artistic testament to her Catholic faith.

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