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Be Not Afraid: Casting My Cares Upon God



Editor’s Note: DC Service Corps participant Madonna Enwe shares how answering a call to help those who were affected by the earthquake in Nepal showed her a deeper lesson about placing trust in God.

I was sitting in one of the cramped study rooms at my college intensely studying for an Organic Chemistry exam when I first read posts on Facebook about the earthquake that occurred in Nepal in April 2015.

There were Facebook posts that recounted the damage in Nepal and also asked for prayers for those who were affected. I was moved by what had happened, but for the first time after hearing about the multiple epidemics and disasters in the world, I felt that a Facebook post was not enough.

God had placed in my heart the desire to raise funds for these people, but I was constrained by the fact that I had limited time to study for my big exam and no knowledge about organizing a fundraiser.

I resolved to bury that call in my heart and continue studying. However, I soon realized that this was impossible, so I decided to ask God for the courage to do something instead.

With a doubtful mind, I started texting my friends to tell them about my goal and they referred me to others who could help me.

I know that the Lord worked through my friends; some volunteered to make posters for the event, some offered to bake cookies to give to those who donated, and many others, including people I had never met, volunteered to sit at the fundraising table between classes.  

This fundraiser went on for two days. The two teachers I had reached out to also sent an email to every faculty and student in their department, and by the second day of the fundraiser, almost the whole campus was involved.

By the end of this experience, I had done well  in my exam and raised money that was sent to five organizations that  worked with those affected by the earthquake.

This experience showed  me how little my fears are in the eyes of the Lord and the mighty things that He can do when He places a call in someone’s heart.

Before I had sent the first text message about my plans, I was paralyzed by a fear of the outcome, but as Deuteronomy 31:8 says, “The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

May this Advent be a time when we invite the Lord into all our endeavors for, as long as the Lord is with us, fear has no stronghold.

Reflection Questions: What is your first response when something is weighing on your heart? How can you answer God’s call in your life today?

During her year as a member of DC Service Corps, Madonna serves at Catholic Charities Refugee Center as an employment specialist where she works directly with refugees and asylees and conducts assessments, orientations, and job training. During her year as a DC Service Corps member, Madonna hopes to take the experience of working directly and in-depth with others and apply it to all of her future endeavors, specifically, medical school. Madonna graduated from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania with a degree in neuroscience.