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The Season for Hope


Editor’s note: Programs Associate Rose Urankar recounts a fun tale of the college recruitment trip made by the FMS office associates last month.

[unitegallery roadtrip]

Twas day one of recruitment and all through DC
FMS Associates were driving, with places to be

Suitcases were nestled all snug in the car
In hopes that we’d meet students both near and far

With one in a sweater and one dressed in red,
We settled on down for 7 hours in our sled.

Out on the road there was plenty of snow
Which didn’t hinder our journey, though the car it did slow

In Albany first, to the College of Saint Rose
Where one did rejoice to see friends that she knows.

With boxes in hand, full of pamphlets and sheets
We met up with students, braving cold, crossing streets

In club meetings, one-on-ones, emails, quick bites
With coffee dates, class visits, we met many Knights.

Off to Siena, for a quick jaunt with the Saints
We shared love for St. Francis, and found no complaints.

While giving our prayer cards, they responded with, “Wow!”
At the Franciscan cross image: “What a beautiful Tau!”

After Mass at the Cathedral, we left the Big Apple…
To Providence, Rhode Island, where we prayed in this chapel.

Home of the Friars, and many friars we met, 
Vowed Dominicans and students, what a scholarly set.

Before the tour ended, to Notre Dame one went
To meet Fighting Irish in the fifth week of Lent.

She spoke to students in Spanish and education class,
With staff members and applicants, how fast the time passed!

And just like a wink of St. Francis’ eye,
The recruitment trip wrapped, and they all waved goodbye.

To the people they met, one more thing to address:
Thank you for welcoming us! Peace and good, FMS

Rose is overjoyed to return to FMS as Associate Director. She first served with the organization as Programs Associate as part of the DC Service Corps. Then and now, she resonates with FMS's commitment to formation and accompaniment. Rose's heart for mission was formed by her time serving in a Fe y Alegría Montessori school in the Dominican Republic with Holy Child Volunteers. She studied Theology and American Studies at the University of Notre Dame.