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Time To Celebrate!

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Editor’s Note: As Tim Shelgren approaches his one year anniversary in Kingston, Jamaica, he shares a selection of photos that express the main themes he has experienced thus far during mission.


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I have also come to love the Sisters of Allegany and their Associates. Thank you Sr. Odette (on left visiting from the Motherhouse in Allegany), Ms. Christine, Ms. Joan, Sr. Maureen Clare and Ms. Theresa for showing me a whole new way of living life!

Reflection Question: Which moments from your past year capture strong themes of your spiritual journey?

Tim Shelgren has led many youth mission trips as a committed Christian. He has worked as a hair stylist, massage therapist, and yoga teacher, and most recently as a counselor at a residential home for teenage boys. A father of three and grandfather of five, Tim is passionate about working for equality for all people and has a special interest in working with children and youth without families. After living recently in Arizona and Pennsylvania, Tim is looking forward learning and growing spiritually by serving in another culture. He likes rock and tree climbing, riding bikes with friends, and playing piano, just like he did when he was a kid.