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Recipe for Prayer

Editor’s Note: Current missioner in Bolivia, Maggie Van Roekel, shares a beautiful reflection she created based from her favorite bread recipe. Baking has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. In my short lifetime, the kitchen has provided me with space to reflect and build relationship. I love the process…

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All Soul’s Day in Bolivia

Editor’s Note: Nate shares his thoughts and photos. Last weekend was All Souls’ Day. It was a beautiful holiday, and Mary and I got to see quite a bit of local culture. During this weekend people here make bread called TantaWawas. It can be translated to tons of babies. Wawa is a Quechua word for baby. They…

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Mission Monday: Sharing Stories in Sacred Spaces

A watercolor by Annemarie that was inspired by the women of Santa Rosa First-year missioner Annemarie Barrett reflects on the conversations she has had with the women she has come to know in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Work. More work. Children. Husbands. Cooking. Cleaning. More cooking and more cleaning. Domestic violence. Machismo. More violence. And no justice.…

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