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Cecilia Marcy

Encountering God in the Goodness of Others

Cecilia and Tim Marcy spent the last three years serving at a hospice and clinic for people with AIDS. Today, Cecilia shares with us the story of one patient through whom she encountered God this year.  There was a patient at the St. Francis Care Center who had AIDS and cancer. She was a wonderful…

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The Experience of Working with People with AIDS

In honor of World AIDS Day, missioner Cecilia Marcy shares a bit about the HIV/AIDS situation in Johannesburg, South Africa where she serves as a nurse at the St. Francis Care Center. Cecilia and her husband Tim have served in South Africa for three years. The St. Francis Care Center in South Africa Back in July,…

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National Volunteer Month Profile: Tim and Cecilia in South Africa

We conclude our series of profiles for National Volunteer Month with Tim and Cecilia Marcy, our most senior missioners. We hope that our posts from the last month have made you aware of the impact of volunteers as well as inspired you to answer your own call to service. Click on image to enlarge The…

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Prayers for Christmas: Why Christmas?

Original photo by Ambuj Saxena “Why Christmas? Our vision, our purpose, our goal: to know, to love, and to serve God. To know God, to know the love between the Trinity, to know the Son, and through Him the Father, and the love that is the Spirit. To know the almighty, the creator, the everlasting,…

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