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Love Can Be Kept Only By Being Given Away

Editor’s note: Missioner Maggie Van Roekel describes a meal that she and her campus ministry group organized in the Carmen Pampa community. “Love can be kept only by being given away.” —Tomas Merton, No Man is an Island This month our campus ministry group, pastoral, organized a lunch for older people in the Carmen Pampa…

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Touched by Kindness

Editor’s note: Missioner Erin McHugh tells how an invitation to a Guatemalan family’s celebrations opened her eyes to the hospitality of the Guatemalan culture and the generosity of the people. Mission is challenging and lonely at times. You are entering into a foreign country with an entirely new culture. You are the outsider in this…

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The Making of Miracles

Editor’s Note: Missioner Annemarie Barrett shares how the experience of accommodating unexpected guests led her to think about the nature of hospitality and its differences across cultures. Recently a group of friends and I decided to grill fish together. It took us a couple of hours to prepare the meal and soon the patio filled…

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Millennial Lenten Reflections: Ash Wednesday

Editor’s Note: The following is part of Millennial Lenten Reflections, a blog series in collaboration with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Short reflections on the day’s readings, written by young adults from FMS and other organizations, will be posted everyday throughout Lent.  The ancient and holy season of Lent comes upon us once again. The…

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Francsican Friday: Humbleness of the Incarnation and the Goodness of God

In the last week of Advent the readings turn to the theme of the coming of the Lord. Readings from the Old Testament remind us of the promises of God that are being fulfilled, and the New Testament readings speak to us of the lives of those who took part in the drama of the…

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