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Free to Have Less

Editor’s Note: Missioner Annemarie Barrett shares how moving towards a simpler lifestyle has positively affected her in physical, spiritual, and emotional ways. I wonder about how complex we make the concept of simple living; I think about how entrenched we have to be in consumerist culture to buy more books to teach us about consuming…

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Takeaway Wednesday: National Bike Challenge!

It’s National Bike Month!  Celebrate care for creation and start a new habit: bicycling! Many of our current missioners are cycling enthusiasts and eager for more people to share their joy. The League of American Bicyclists has a friendly challenge for you to get active and connect with bike-friendly or bike-curious communities: The National Bike Challenge…

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Encountering God in the Goodness of Others

Cecilia and Tim Marcy spent the last three years serving at a hospice and clinic for people with AIDS. Today, Cecilia shares with us the story of one patient through whom she encountered God this year.  There was a patient at the St. Francis Care Center who had AIDS and cancer. She was a wonderful…

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