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Day 4: Wandering

Editor’s note: Newly-commissioned missioner, Joleen Johnson, shares some insight with societal connotations with wandering and getting lost as part of FMS’ Advent blog series. “Not all those who wander are lost.”  This quote, as recited in Lord of the Rings, brings to light a distinction between those who wander and those who are lost. I…

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Day 2: Unknown

Editor’s Note: In the second day of our Advent blog series, DCSC Volunteer Fede Wettstein embraces the Unknown, contemplating the beauty of God’s grace beyond our sight or knowledge.  We find comfort in knowledge. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power.” There are things that we are aware that we know, the known knowns, and…

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Into The Fog

Editor’s Note: Executive Director, Liz Hughes reflects on the trust required when facing the unknowns and uncertainties of daily life. Last January, I was driving to St. Raphaela Retreat Center in Pennsylvania when I encountered a fog so thick I could barely see.  I was scared, claustrophobic, and wondering if I should pull over. As…

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