Happy Gaudete Sunday! As we light the pink candle on our Advent wreath today, we are filled with joy at the coming of Jesus.

It is this joy that we are called to share with others so that they might see and encounter God through us.

Rodger, a catechist who works with missioner Catherine Giller in Bolivia, recalls the impact one friar’s joy:

“During the confirmation retreat with the young adults of the parish, Padre Emilio, OFM, from Mexico gave reflections for all of us I could feel the presence of God emanate from Emilio and the youth were also inspired. It was a highlight in a year’s preparation, one that I won’t forget!”

Catherine says, “Fr Emilio is one of the most animated homilists, he never seems to stop smiling when he is sharing the Gospel. He exudes joy!”

Like Fr. Emilio, how can you exude the joy of Jesus with someone today?

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