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A Light in the Darkness


Editor’s note: Missioner Cindy Mizes reflects on the beauty of creation as a manifestation of Christ’s redeeming light.

There is a beautiful night blooming cactus on the grounds where I live that has an abundance of flower buds. This particular cactus is massive with its long green tentacle-like arms stretching over 10 feet into the sky. Once darkness falls, the flower buds imperceptibly begin to unfold revealing the brightness of a pure white flower with multiple petals and blazing yellow stamens shooting out from its center. It’s appearance is like a burst of pure light in the black sky.  To witness these incredibly beautiful night blooming flowers awakening in the darkness is to experience the mystery of God’s creation. 

The darkness that has enveloped the world today is frightening. Devastating hurricanes, cataclysmic earthquakes and other natural disasters, threats of global security creating tension across the world, increased violent crimes around the world, and hostile conflicts and divisive protests within our own country is compounding the wounds of a world suffering in a state of uncertainty.  And there is also the pain of those suffering inconsolable grief, incurable or debilitating illnesses, crippling depression and enslaving oppression. 

Somehow, in the midst of the darkness and battles against the forces of evil, Christ gives me strength and patient endurance to bring a bit of his light to others, help them to persevere, and offer them hope, love and peace.

The night blooming cactus is my reminder of Christ’s light in the darkness, his resurrection from the dead and the awesome power of his amazing love.

The night blooming cactus is symbolic of Christ’s love that blossoms in my heart and the awareness of his mercy that grows within my soul.
Reflection question: How can you be an expression of love and hope in the world? 

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Anchored in the knowledge that all life is sacred and a gift, Cindy is passionate about protecting this gift and advocating for each and every person’s right to life. After a long career in human resources with the Federal government, a trip to Nepal to assist with earthquake relief aid deepened her desire to help others in greater need, serve Christ, and share her life experience and God-given gifts. Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Cindy most recently lived in Colorado.