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My Eyes Were Opened Through Gone with the Wind

Editor’s note: Returned missioner Janice Smullen reflects on the suffering in the world and her role in following in the footsteps of Christ. As a recently returned missioner, I am slowly “re-entering” into life in the United States, and I’m spending some of my quiet time reading Gone With the Wind. There are numerous themes…

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A Light in the Darkness

Editor’s note: Missioner Cindy Mizes reflects on the beauty of creation as a manifestation of Christ’s redeeming light. There is a beautiful night blooming cactus on the grounds where I live that has an abundance of flower buds. This particular cactus is massive with its long green tentacle-like arms stretching over 10 feet into the…

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Lent and Larry

As we are still in the Easter season, we remember the many opportunities to reflect on one’s self and determine how to grow as a person beyond the 40 days of preparation during Lent. The sacrifices Jesus made so many years ago afforded the human race a second chance for redemption and the convenience to…

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Millennial Lenten Reflections: That We All Might Be One

Editor’s Note: The following is part of Millennial Lenten Reflections, a blog series in collaboration with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Short reflections on the day’s readings, written by young adults from FMS and other organizations, will be posted everyday throughout Lent.  Perhaps the most radical Christian belief is that of the equal dignity and…

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