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Living in Solidarity With The Poor: Who? How? What? Why?

Editors Note: Missioner Tim Shelgren articulates the lessons learned from living simply with people experiencing poverty in Kingston, Jamaica. Solidarity Almost five years ago now I bought a camper and moved to Prescott, Arizona. Living there in the camper for three years, I met other people who also lived in campers, tents, and even old…

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Lively Young Man in a Brown Hooded Habit: An Interview with Brother Tommy

Editor’s note: Missioner Tim Shelgren shares an interview with Brother Tommy, a Capuchin Franciscan. One quiet morning at the Casa, my colleagues and I prepared for our first class session of the day with prayer in the chapel and a quiet reflection on how appreciative we are for the education we are receiving. We made…

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My Jeremiah Miracle

Editor’s note: Tim Shelgren, a new missioner, recalls a lesson in Franciscanism—and football—he learned from boys at a group home. As a 56-year-old American, I hear many of my peers talking about their retirement accounts and soon-to-be retirement dates. I ask myself as I prepare for Formation to be a lay missioner with FMS, am…

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Were You There: “What Was Accomplished?”

Editor’s note: The Poor Clare Nuns of Immaculate Heart Monastery in Los Altos Hills, CA, reflect on how—throughout his Passion—Christ gives us countless beautiful examples of how we are to treat those around us and follow His example of taking up our cross daily. In an age when accomplishment is everything, we might ask Our…

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“The Challenge of Lay Missioners” by Fr. Anselm Moons

Editor’s Note: In celebration of our 25th year of preparing and supporting lay missioners, we look back to our archives at a World Care newsletter from 1990 in which our founder, Fr. Anselm Moons, OFM, describes the importance of lay missioners and the challenges they face.  On 22 September 1990, after many months of paperwork…

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Seeds of Progress

I did not miss clean air or water until I did not have access to them. I did not miss trees, plants, or grass until I could not see them. And I did not know that my upper class background could buy clean air, access to water, and preservation of nature. I grew up in…

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